Certified "The Boss" Slim, arrived on the Southern Soul scene with a silky voice that the ladies love. This multi faceted artist/producer/songwriter is from Washington DC, by way of Indianapolis, Indiana.  

“Certified” knew at the age of nine (9) years old that he wanted to sing and entertain. He grew up in a musical family, learning at a very early age to play multiple instruments, including drums, percussion, bass, keyboards and guitar.  

“Certified” has played with some of the greatest Blues and Southern Soul crooners, such as: Tyrone Davis, Mel Waiters, Floyd Taylor (son of late great, Johnnie Taylor), just to name a few. “Certified” is becoming the next best young crooner to keep Southern Soul bumping in radio and clubs around the world. Certified has an electrifying stage show performance that keeps the ladies on their feet dancing to his own unique style.  

When asked who he models his smooth moves and performances after, “Certified” replied, “I admire Tyrone Davis, Donny Ray, Mel Waiters, James Bell, Floyd Taylor and Marvin Sease, just to name a few.” He acknowledges many that have paved the way so he can follow his passion, which is writing, singing and producing great Southern Soul music. 

Certified keeps God first in his life and loves making great music. Check out some of his top hits like "Birthday Suit, "A Glass of WIne", "My Ice Done Melted", "You've Been Cheating", and the latest and "Voodoo Kinda Love"

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